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Dick Morris: Fascist Foot Fetishist

Posted by William Grigg on March 7, 2011 03:55 PM

Before petulantly hanging up on a radio interview with a very patient Peter Schiff, GOP political consultant Dick Morris — one of Sean Hannity’s sweethearts — denounced Ron Paul as “horrific” because he wants to end the “war on drugs.”

According to this pillar of rectitude (and occasional customer to prostitutes willing to engage his peculiar appetites), we’re “not really fighting” the war on drugs, because, inter alia, High School students aren’t subject to mandatory drug testing.

(h/t to LRC reader John Meyers.)


Schiff and Morris Video:


No wonder conservatism is the ideology of bitter old men uninterested in facts, devoted to hating young people, women and anyone else who would dare live differently or *gasp* have fun with their lives.  Do yourself a favor and never support a conservative if you love liberty.  They are frauds when they make this claim.  They have a terrible record at small government.  They grow government more than democrats.  Yet they claim to support these things.